Structural Dynamics & Vibration Conrtol Lab


Structural Dynamics & Vibration Control Lab


Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, KAIST


373-1 Guseong-Dong Yuseong-Gu


Daejeon, Korea 305-701


(042)869-3618  (Professor)


(042)869-3658  (Students)


(042)869-5658  (Students)





Research Activities

  Main research fields of this laboratory are the dynamic analysis, the seismic analysis and the vibration control of large structures such as bridges, buildings and nuclear power plants. This laboratory has an efficient solution technique for an eigenvalue analysis, which is one of the most  important steps when the dynamic analysis is performed by the mode superposition method. New algorithms for an eigenvalue sensitivity analysis and an optimization technique were also developed in this laboratory. Moreover, a design for composite material structures and an overall system for diagnosis, repair, maintenance and management of bridges have been investigated. 



In-Won Lee


Ju-Won Oh (Hannam University),


Jong-Heon Lee (Kyungil University),


Sun-Kyu Park (Sungkyunkwan University),


Man-Gi Ko (Kongju University),


Woon-Hak Kim (Hankyung University),


Woo-Hyun Yoon (Kyungwon University),


Hyung-Jo Jung (Sejong University),


Chun-Ho Kim (Joongbu University),

Doctoral Students:

Heon-Jae Lee, Seung-Woo Lee

Master Students:




    - Ph. D.:

Gil-Ho Jung, Dong-Ok Kim, Man-Chul Kim,


Dong-Hyawn Kim, Hyung-Jo Jung,

Hyun-Taek Kim, Ji-Seong Jo, Byoung-Wan Kim,

Sang-Won Cho, Kyu-Sik Park,Nguyen Xuan Thanh

Yeong-Jong Moon, Kang-Min Choi

    - M. S.:

Jung-Kyu Park, Jin-Ho Kim, Ho-Chul Kwon,


Jun-Hyung KimHwan-Jin Jung,


Ki-Yeong Kim, Hyun-Woo Ji, Hong-Ki Cho


Hye-Rin Shin, Dong-Du Jang, Jun-Sik Ha


Sung-Jin Lee, Jong-Woo Jang


Hyun-Woo Lim, Ji-Eun Jang


Han-Rok Ji, Jung-Hyun Hong, Chul-Min Park

    - B. S.:

Tae-Hui Yun, Hwa-Jun Song, Byung-Gon Kim,


Jong-Dae Lee, Mun-Ki Jung, Hyun-Wook Kim


Research Areas

  Dynamic Characteristics of Large Structures

  Design Sensitivity of Structures

  Seismic Analysis of Bridges

  Vibration Control Techniques for Bridges

  Damage Detection Techniques for Structures

 Development of Dynamic Analysis Programs for Structures

  Diagnosis, Repair, Maintenance and Administration System of Bridges

  Application of New Materials for Civil Structures


Principal Equipments

  Workstation: 5 Units

  Shaking Table: 2 ton

  PC: 9 Units

  Drafting Plotter

  Laser Vibrometer

  Waveform Digitizer

  Signal Generator


  Accelerometer Preamplifier

  Band Printer

  Portable Vibrometer

  GPI Board


  Force Transducer

  FFT Analyzer


Structural Dynamics & Vibration Control Lab.